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For-sale.co.uk is part of an international network of search engines for second-hand products, cars and real estate. We are present in Europe through different local brands such as in-vendita.it for Italy, or site-annonce.fr for France. With more than 6 million visitors every month, our search engines help users to find the best bargains across the Internet, such as in Germany with gebraucht-kaufen.de or in Spain compra-venta.es. Others continents are also represented by specific versions of the search engine for the local market, such as used.forsale in the USA , venta.com.ar in Argentina, Venta.com.mx in Mexico and Cubefigures.com in Canada. Visible in 14 countries, we help people to better consume, recycle and optimize their purchasing power. Recently we have launched Brazil usadobrasil.com.br. Without neglecting the smaller nations, we are also present in countries such as site-annonce.be for Belgium (where we have our headquarters), in Ireland via for-sale.ie, in Austria via gebraucht-kaufen.at.

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