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    Every individual's cancer has a unique genomic profile that may point the way towards a personalized therapy program

    Our scientific team will analyze a sample of your tumor, using state-of-the-art whole genome technologies to gain insight into the biology of your specific disease.

    This information can help identify potential treatments for you, including treatments that would not be considered otherwise. We search for options not only among known cancer treatments, but among the more than 2,000 FDA-approved drugs, as well as drugs that are currently being studied in clinical trials.

    Our full analysis will help you and your oncologist interpret our findings in the context of your treatment plan. Ongoing scientific support (such as designing and implementing follow-up studies) is available as needed to further inform your treatment decisions.

    Learn More Our Process Case Studies Videos

    "I would definitely recommend GeneKey if someone else in my family got cancer." - patient's sister


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