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IABC Northeast Ohio

A Group for Professional Business Communicators


Vision Awards

Thanks to all the attendees who participated in our worthwhile programs last year. In case you missed it, we also had some very impressive Vision Award winners, celebrated at our Awards Program on October 24 for their contributions to our profession and our community.

Communicator of the Year 
Thomas Fladung 
Hennes Communications

Spotlight Awards 
Virtual Brand Advisors 

Vision Awards 
Lauren Presti, SAIC, Digital Communications - Award of Merit 
Adam Tucker, MWW - Honorable Mention


Chapter Status Update

IABC Northeast Ohio Members,

As you may know, the chapter has been struggling to fill key board positions and attract members in our programming for some time, both issues that have become more pronounced over the past year. In light of this situation and with the approval of the International Executive Board, IABC Northeast Ohio chapter will officially go inactive as of January 15, 2018.

Your personal IABC membership is not in question since you will be moved to member-at-large status. As a member-at-large, you will still have access to all IABC International and Heritage Region programs, services and materials.

You will no longer be charged chapter dues, unless you elect to join another chapter. Your closest chapter is IABC Greater Cincinnati. To transfer to this chapter, please contact Member Relations at

Steps for Renewing the Chapter

IABC Northeast Ohio will remain on inactive status for a period of two years. If a new chapter board is not established within that time frame, the IABC International Executive Board will dissolve the Northeast Ohio Chapter. Once a chapter has been dissolved, future leaders would need to re-apply for chapter status.

If you are interested in maintaining a local IABC chapter and wish to assume a volunteer leadership role, please contact Mary Bogan, Heritage Region chair, at The Heritage Region and the international office have resources available to help with revitalization should you choose to do so.

The Northeast Ohio chapter treasury is being transferred to the Heritage Region Board, which will hold it in a separate bank account for two years in case the chapter re-activates.

We would like to recognize and thank IABC NEO members who have taken on chapter leadership positions over the years. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, IABC NEO Board of Directors

Mary DaRif

Betsy DuWaldt

Rebecca Postupack-Slifer

Julie Dean

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