Welcome to Phil and Mama! Carpe diem, always. 

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Meet The Phil and Mama team


Mama Kat

Kat is a doctor of physical therapy, certified lymphedema therapist, author, blogger, artist, brutal reviewer, and neatness freak. Some call her a "super mom." When she has a moment to spare, she plays Overwatch or XCOM. On the weekends, she works with older adults as a physical therapist. Her patients can do more squats than you! :)



Phil is a humorous and fun-loving toddler who loves painting, numbers (he's counting in the 10000s now), singing, playing games, and being with his mommy and daddy. He's a fast learner with a big heart and old soul. On some nights, Mama Kat has to read seven books with Phil before he falls asleep. Phil inspired the creation of this blog. 


the daddy

Jake, the daddy, is a photographer, gamer, techie, and avid news reader. He is Phil's bestie and partner in crime. Mama Kat could not ask for a better soul mate or half to spend the rest of her life with <3.

And You

Without you, the readers, guest bloggers, partners, and supporters, we would not be able to continue to run this blog! You inspire us to write, review, and publish. Thank you for stopping by!

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